Vectorworks Renderworks 2020

New Renderworks 2020 version, which includes a robust new CINEMA 4D render engine, camera views in viewports, and more intuitive texture mapping.

Renderworks features

Create Spectacular 3D Presentations
Renderworks is based on the robust CINEMA 4D render engine, the results are breathtaking and easy to achieve. Renderworks is integrated into Vectorworks, so it works seamlessly to allow you to visualize your work throughout the design process, producing clear and accurate renderings. With the click of a button, rendered viewports will update as your design evolves.
  Create Non-Photorealistic (Artistic) Renderings
Artistic rendering mode allows you to soften hard lines and reproduce many hand-sketched styles, including cartoon, color wash, contour, tapered lines, hatch, ink print, lines and shadows, mosaic, oil painting, overlapping lines, soft lines and stipple. They are perfect when you're just trying to convey concepts and give clients a sense for the space.

Renderworks 2020 Specific Features



  New Arroway Texture Import  
Non-blocking Renderworks Rendering
Vectorworks Inc., have added one of the highest-quality texture libraries to Renderworks version 2017. Now you have access to a default library of image-based Arroway Textures for wood veneers, concrete, wood flooring, stonework, tiles and other construction materials. An integrated menu item lets you easily import higher-resolution versions of these textures purchased directly from Arroway Textures.   Perhaps one of the most significant time-savers is the addition of non-blocking rendering. Now you are free to continue working in your project while a scene is rendering sheet layer viewports or images from the Render Bitmap tool.
  Physical Sun and Sky  
Improved CINEMA 4D Export
The physical sun and sky backgrounds provide more natural lighting that automatically responds to a site's location, as well as the date and time of day   The Export to CINEMA 4D and Send to CINEMA 4D commands are now available to our Fundamentals customers in addition to our Renderworks users. Improvements when exporting from Vectorworks and Renderworks to CINEMA 4D ensure that the structure and naming of geometry, materials, and textures is consistent with the data that comes from the Vectorworks file, with the assistance of an intelligent Merge Changes dialog box in CINEMA 4D. In addition, the resulting .C4D file size has been reduced by up to 50%.

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Vectorworks Renderworks 2020

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