New Features List

FileMaker 10

The ADMS software uses the FileMaker database platform

FileMaker Server 10 provides the ADMS data server database engine, data storage and Web publishing service

FileMaker Pro 10 runs under the ADMS client software on Mac OS Tiger and Leopard/Snow Leopard and Microsoft Windows XP and Vista

The FileMaker toolkit is a rapid cross-platform development environment used to produce the ADMS database system. Using FileMaker gives access to extensive functionality and compatibility, enabling the ADMS development effort to concentrate on business process modelling.

ADMS Widget for Mac OS

Stunningly simple to use desktop widget

The dashboard widget can be used over a local network, the internet, or branch office VPN links to access company, contact and project directory data from your ADMS Web Server. Secure SSL encryption and double authentication as standard option. Mac OS Web Server required.

ADMS iPhone Web Application

Got an iPhone? Use it to access your ADMS data on the move

Never be without your latest data, wherever you are, just use your iPhone's internet or Wi-Fi to connect to your ADMS Web Server back at the office. Look up a client, view contacts, use automatic number dialing, get directions from your current location to your client's offices using Google Maps. Secure SSL encryption and double authentication as standard option. Mac OS Web Server required.

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High Resolution Screens

ADMS screen layouts now come in two sizes

Optimised for large widescreen flat panel displays running at 1680 x 1050 or greater as well as 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

ADMS Dynamic Pop-up Menus

Accelerated access to information and commands at the point of focus

Dynamic pop-up menus deliver workflow commands at the point of use, extended information display and a simplified but more effective interface. Many context sensitive commands and data displays can now be accessed from dynamic cascading pop-up menus distributed across the screens.

Apple Address Book Export

Like to use Apple address book? But multi-user synchronisation gets in a tangle?

Send data from your networked ADMS database to your local desktop address book and beyond. Send a company, send a contact, send an entire project directory in one click. vCard format v3.0 open standard as used for address book on Mac OS Leopard.

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Multiple Dynamic Email Templates

Configure or tweak your templates from one machine for instant access by any ADMS user across the network

Insert ADMS data fields into your office email templates to have name, address, project and date dynamically entered at the time of generating an email.

Quick Email

No email client is faster

One click selection from pop-up menu showing every email address associated with a company and it's contacts. Combine with an automated email template and you only have the subject detail and text to enter.

ADMS Lookup Web Service

Want a full set of contact information on a well known construction industry company in one click?

Use the ADMS Lookup function. Start a new company record, enter a few letters, click ADMS Lookup, select from the resultant pop-up menu and a full set of the company's data is inserted. It couldn't be easier. If they aren't listed, send a request and we'll add them. iArchitecture provides and hosts the ADMS Lookup Web Service. Optional ADMS professional support service required.

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Project Directory Assignment

Accelerated workflow for adding companies to projects

In company data screen, use pop-up menus to select an active project, select a service, view each contact's status or assign to the project. Easier updating and editing in project directory detail screen.

Project Involvement Information

New information display

In address book and company data screens, view company past and present project involvement including personnel for each project followed by quick links to main project and drawing display screens.

Portable Document Format (PDF) files

Document output as PDF files on Mac and Windows

With a single click ADMS Drawing Manager can generate Drawing Issue Sheet output as multi-page cover letter, drawing issue sheet and contact image pages as an automatically named PDF file.

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Workflow Optimisation

We listened to users and have made many ADMS tasks and procedures quicker and easier to complete

Workflow streamlining ranges from the leap in productivity from the new ADMS Web based services to simple tasks like copying text in various formats from a Web site to the ADMS followed by one click to reset the text format across many fields.

Here follows another 8 examples:

  • ADMS Login - Faster simplified user login and logout procedures.
  • Tabbing Between Fields - Faster data entry using tab key to move through data entry sequence without compromising user level security.
  • Dialog Messages - Option to switch off warning and information dialogs for accelerated work rate for experienced users.
  • Contact Transfer - Move a contact to another company record by a quick transfer process.
  • Xmas List Editing - Simplified review, addition or removal of companies and contacts in the companies list screen.
  • Tag List Editing - Simplified review, addition and removal.
  • Location, Route and Google Search - One click to view a company location on Google Maps, or get the route, mileage and instructions from your office to that location, or simply do a Google search.
  • Tool Tips - Lots of button function descriptions and info provided at the end of your cursor.

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