Artlantis RT² feature matrix

new features include ...

Artlantis RT² New Features

Realx-Time…and/or Ray Tracing

Thanks to Real-Time, you can create renderings instantly without spending time on calculation! When opening a 3D scene, navigating, modifying materials, lights, or the 3D environment can be previewed right in the preview window.

Project variations

A unique Artlantis RT² feature. In the same file, you can compare and develop several architectural solutions independently. Much more than a set of layers, the “View Combinations” tool lets you test, in parallel, a multitude of possible solutions in previews of unequalled quality.

Unlimited access to objects and textures

The integrated MediaStore offers thousands of ready-to-use 3D items (characters, plants, or different types of objects) and textures. Click on the object of your choice to place it in your scene.

The manufacturers validate all branded elements present in the MediaStore: the furniture, for example, is perfectly configured, dimensioned, and textured, allowing you to concentrate on what’s essential: your scene.


Viewing and sharing projects

Generate a panorama in Artlantis RT² and bring it to life with iVisit!

1. Import your panorama into iVisit
2. Create your virtual tour
3. Share your project
4. Track your visitors’ activity

Artlantis RT² System Requirements

The following are real-world system recommendations for running Artlantis RT². In some demanding cases, we would suggest a more capable machine than is described by these recommendations. The Artlantis RT² user experience is always improved by faster processors and additional RAM.

System Requirements
recommended minimum
Operating System: macOS Ventura (13.0), macOS 12 (Monterey) and Windows 11 macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and Windows 10
Processor: Apple M2, Intel® Core i7, 4+ Cores Apple M1, Intel® i3 4Core 2GHz
RAM: 32GB 16GB
Graphics Card: 4GB* OpenGL 2GB OpenGL
Screen Resolution: 1900 x 1080 1280 x 800
Input Device: Three button, Scrollable mouse
Activation: Internet access Internet access

*Intergrated chipsets are not supported

errors & omissions excepted

on the website we show only the most commonly requested new licence pricing if your requirements are not covered here please call faCADe

*prices and specifications subject to change without notice, eligibility for reduced subscription pricing dependent on ownership of qualifying existing licence