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Vectorworks 2022 Brochures

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What's New in Vectorworks 2022 : Vectorworks Architect 2022 Brochure : Vectorworks Landmark 2022 Brochure

  • Vectorworks 2022 Whats New Brochure
  • Vectorworks  Brochure
  • Vectorworks Landmark 2022 Brochure
  • Vectorworks  Brochure
  • Vectorworks Spotlight 2022 Brochure
  • Vectorworks Fundamentals 2022 Brochure

Vectorworks Brochure : Vectorworks Spotlight 2022 Brochure : Vectorworks Fundamentals 2022 Brochure

  • Vectorworks  Brochure
  • Vectorworks Fundamentals 2022 Brochure

Vectorworks Braceworks 2021 Brochure : Vectorworks Vision 2021 Brochure

Vectorworks 2022 Getting Started Tutorials

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Vectorworks Architect 2022 Getting Started Tutorial

Vectorworks Landmark 2022 Getting Started Tutorial

Vectorworks Spotlight 2022 Getting Started Tutorial

Vectorworks Fundamentals 2022 Getting Started Tutorial

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Vectorworks 2022 new features

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Vectorworks 2022 Feature Matrix

product features include ...

Vectorworks Graphics Module BIM That Works for You Technology Interoperability

Vectorworks often utilise the best technologies available to deliver the design capabilities you need to travel down the path of discovery. And when the best doesn’t exist elsewhere, Vectorworks Inc., have build it ourselves. Vectorworks 2014 introduced you to the Vectorworks Graphics Module (VGM). And with Vectorworks 2022, the VGM brings the fun back to your modelling experience with great performance, stability, and unmatched graphical control.

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Vectorworks Architect provides powerful BIM solutions to fit your workflow and address your BIM needs, both big and little, as you experiment, become inspired, and design without limitations.

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When it comes to BIM tools, no one matches Vectorworks’ ability to exchange data and geometry during your design process. We offer more choices to import and export your models, your drawings, and your data, giving you the freedom to collaborate with partners, regardless of their preferred technology, and explore ideas using many different tools.

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3D Modellling and Rendering Documentation and Graphics Improvements Workflow Efficiency Gains

Whether adding artistic flair, creating a style, or refining a look, Renderworks 2021 has you covered. Get ready to turn anything you can imagine into an inspired, sharable realisation of your vision.

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For 2021, Vectorworks Inc., have extended 64-bit capabilities to the entire product line and delivered a revolutionary graphical experience through the Vectorworks Graphics Module. Better performance and enhanced stability, plus more than 100 updates and new features, are ready for you to discover.

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Vectorworks Inc., are constantly striving to improve your user experience. Therefore they have added tools and enhanced the capabilities of existing ones. By refining workflows to be intuitive and seamless, Vectorworks Inc., have also amplified the speed of navigation, drafting, and documentation. Vectorworks 2022 is more powerful, customisable, and agile than ever.

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Site Design Enhancements Entertainment Design Enhancements New Content and Mobile Apps

Vectorworks Landmark software has long been recognised for its superior graphics capabilities and industry-focused tool sets for site design professionals. Vectorworks Inc., inherently understand that your design workflows and documentation styles are as unique and individual as your projects. Therefore striven to provide the best technological solutions along with the power, flexibility, and interactivity you want from your design software.

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Being a standard in this industry doesn’t mean they sit back and relax; instead, in their efforts to stay #1, they are always pushing to sharpen their product. Vectorworks Inc., gets some of their best ideas for improvements from you!

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You are receiving some great new material with 2021. Vectorworks Inc., have added a long list of new symbol and texture libraries just for you, as well as introduced new cloud functionality and a new cloud app called Vectorworks Remote!

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System Recommendations

The following are real-world system recommendations for running Vectorworks 2022. In some demanding cases, we would suggest a more capable machine than is described by these recommendations. Likewise, there are some less demanding situations where Vectorworks will perform well on older hardware. The Vectorworks user experience is always improved by faster processors, faster graphics cards and adequate RAM.

RAM: (Entry-Level) 8GB or more, (Mid Level) 8GB-16GB or more (High-Level) 16GB-32GB or more
Hard drive space: 10GB free disk space for installation, 30GB or more for full installation + libraries
Other Hardware: Delivered by digital download
Feature: Multiple View Panes Using multiple view panes with different visibilities in all panes requires a graphics card with at least 2GB of VRAM, with 3GB or more recommended for large files
Graphics Card:

Vectorworks (Entry-Level):
Metal GPUFamily1
A dedicated graphics card is highly recommended
VRAM: 4GB or more

Vectorworks (Mid-Level):
Metal GPUFamily1 v4
A dedicated graphics card is highly recommended
VRAM: 4GB or more

Vectorworks (High-Level):
Metal GPUFamily2 or later
A dedicated graphics card is highly recommended
VRAM: 8GB or more

Vectorworks with Vision Pro:
OpenGL 4.1 compatible graphics card. A dedicated graphics card is required, released within the last three years
VRAM: 8GB or more

Medium Sized Screen: 1440x900 or less 1GB VRAM minimum
Larger Sized Screen: 1920x1080  1GB VRAM minimum, 2GB+ VRAM recommended for high-quality rendering
Vectorworks 2022 System Recommendations - Mac
Operating System:

Supported with macOS 12 (Monterey), macOS 11 (Big Sur), macOS 10.15 (Catalina).

Not supported with macOS 10.14 (Mojave ), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) (64-bit), Mac OS X 10.11+ (El Capitan), Mac OS X 10.10+ (Yosemite) or earlier operating systems

Other Software: minimum macOS: Metal GPU Family

64-bit Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent), 64-bit Intel Core i7 (or AMD equivalent)
Apple M1 series

Vectorworks 2022 System Recommendations - Windows
Operating System: Supported on Windows 11 and Windows 10 (64-bit)  
Not supported with Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
Other Software: Windows: DirectX 11 compatible
Processor: 64-bit Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent), 64-bit Intel Core i7 (or AMD equivalent)

Vectorworks 2022 places higher demands on graphic hardware. The performance and quality of the graphics provided by the new Vectorworks Graphics Module depend directly on the speed, memory, and supported extensions of the graphics card. These new features have the potential to provide a very fast and fluid experience if used on capable hardware, or a noticeably slower experience if used on older or incompatible hardware. Starting with Vectorworks 2022 graphic cards should support at a minimum macOS: Metal GPU Family1 or later, Windows: DirectX 11 compatible. In summary: The more powerful your graphics card is, the better your Vectorworks experience will be.

Vectorworks 2022 Video Card Recommendations - Click here

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