• Vectorworks 2012 Stylised Product Insignia
  • Vectorworks 2012 Stylised Product Insignia

Vectorworks 2012 Brochures

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What's New in Vectorworks 2012 : Vectorworks Architect 2012 Brochure : Vectorworks Landmark 2012 Brochure

  • Vectorworks 2012 Whats New Brochure
  • Vectorworks Architect 2012 Brochure
  • Vectorworks Landmark 2012 Brochure
  • Vectorworks Designer 2012 Brochure
  • Vectorworks Spotlight 2012 Brochure
  • Vectorworks Fundamentals 2012 Brochure

Vectorworks Designer 2012 Brochure : Vectorworks Spotlight 2012 Brochure : Vectorworks Fundamentals 2012 Brochure

Vectorworks 2012 Getting Started Guides

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Vectorworks Fundamentals 2012 Getting Started Manual

Fundamentals 2012
Exercise files 11.4MB

Vectorworks Architect 2012 Getting Started Manual

Architect 2012
Exercise files 55.7MB

Vectorworks Landmark 2012 Getting Started Manual

Landmark 2012
Exercise files 605MB

Vectorworks Spotlight 2012 Getting Started Manual

Spotlight 2012
Exercise files 143.2MB

Renderworks 2012 Getting Started Manual

Renderworks 2012
Exercise files 51.8MB


Vectorworks 2024

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Vectorworks 2024
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Vectorworks 2012 new features

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Vectorworks 2012 Feature Matrix

new features include ...

Vectorworks 2012 New Features

Best in 3D


Better BIM

  Automatic Working Plane   Stories
Significantly improve your modeling efficiency by using modes in modeling tools to automatically infer working planes as you move your cursor around the model. Simply select a tool and click to create objects on any 3D surface.   Now it's even easier to make changes that move with your design. You can express the elevation of design layers relative to a story elevation. As you edit the story elevation, all design layers with that story adjust their elevation by the same amount.
  Instant Push/Pull Mode  
IFC Support Upgrades
User-friendly feature to our planar tool set so you can instantly push or pull profile geometry without additional steps. It's a great time saver.   Vectorworks Architect's support of the openBIM file standard, IFC, allows data and geometry to be input or imported, stored, retrieved, and exported in a much cleaner fashion.
  Optimized 3D Dimensions  
Component Joins at Wall Y-Joins
It's easy to dimension 3D features by sensing the 3D working planes with the mouse. Simply click on 3D features with your constrained, angular, or radial dimension tools and dimension away.   With more robust wall joining you won't have to fix component joins. Now you'll quickly achieve joining of walls and wall components no matter what kind of connection you wish to make.
  Heliodon   Better Door Capabilities
With this easy-to-use tool, you no longer need to know coordinates or a time zone to place a Heliodon object with a directional light when it contains attached data like the region and city. You can create QuickTime solar animations and create "view from sun" animations too.   Use new options to create unequal bi-part leaves and several bi-part and double acting door configurations. Define a doors threshold to extend into and even beyond the doorjamb. Even define door muntin depths for glass leaves, transoms, and sidelights.
  Unified Reshape Tool  
Floor-to-Floor Linking and Display of Stairs
The 2D and 3D reshape tools have been consolidated into a single powerful tool that reshapes both 2D and 3D objects.   Enjoy a more capable and efficient stair object that can calculate total rise based on the layers to which the stair connects. You will also see the 2D representation of the stair on both layers of connection.
Reshaping Multiple Vertices of NURBS Curves   Clearer Management of Space Label Symbols
With one drag, you can reshape NURBS curves with great precision and control by moving individual or multiple vertices.   We've greatly simplified the creation, editing, and storage of space label symbols. You can now directly create space labels using the space label settings dialog- no need for creating specific space label symbols. Also, you can edit existing space labels to quickly adjust the definitions and attributes of text tags in your label.
Vectorworks 2012 New Features Cont'd




  Renderworks Styles   GIS
Make a statement with your own signature rendering style. You can create custom configurations of lighting, backgrounds, and render settings as re-usable and sharable resources. When you're ready to render, just drag and drop your custom resource and all your settings will be applied.   With new GIS capabilities, you can store georeferenced information on each Vectorworks design layer, transform geometry to a different map projection or georeferenced coordinate system, and enjoy improved Shapefile import and export functions.
Realistic OpenGL Shadows  
Site Model Enhancements
Better accuracy, better quality- need we say more?   New visual feedback notifies you when the site model is out of date. We've also added alert dialogs to let you know if you're losing contours when elevation ranges are not updated.
  Artistic Renderworks Styles  
Miscellaneous Landmark Changes
Try your hand at these intuitive editing style controls; you can even save Artistic settings as style resources to use with a simple drag and drop action.   Now the Landscape Area Object has clearer control over the distribution rate and custom coverage percentages. Also, we've enhanced the Offset settings for the Create Stepped Wall command and we've improved the New Water Needs and Climate Zone fields in the Plant database.
Attribute Mapping Tool Improvements   Better Stake Objects
Simplified tool by improving the responsiveness of surface snapping, adding a new scale by center option in the mode bar, and addressing additional interface complexities, making attribute mapping more intuitive and more reliable- just simpler to use.   Among other smart enhancements, you'll see the following new parameters and new values for existing parameters in the Stake mark offset and marker rotation fields: "None" and "Filled Triangle marker styles, and XY and XYZ Coordinate Point options.
New Metallic Shaders  
Retaining Wall Site Modifier Improvement
You'll be stunned by the clearer definition and true-to-life appearance of shiny, brushed, or turned metal.   Customize the shape and elevation of the underlying pad of the site modifier. Additionally, the site modifier sides can be reshaped around retaining walls.
Brick Shader Dimensions   Hardscape Improvements
Create your perfect brick shader by editing width, height, and gap parameters based on real world coordinate values.   Better control over hardscape creation, a new convert option between boundary and path configurations, and the ability to specify different pattern sizes for Grid and Running pavers.

System Recommendations

The following are real-world system recommendations for running Vectorworks 2012. In some demanding cases, we would suggest a more capable machine than is described by these recommendations. Likewise, there are some less demanding situations where Vectorworks will perform well on older hardware. The Vectorworks user experience is always improved by faster processors and additional RAM.

Vectorworks 2012 System Recommendations - Mac
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8+ (Mountain Lion),  Mac OS X 10.7.4 (Lion),
Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard)
Later operating systems not supported
Other Software: QuickTime 7.0
Processor: Intel Core Duo 2GHz or better
Other Hardware: DVD-ROM drive (dual layer)
Screen Resolution: 1280x800 (recommended)   1024 x 768 (minimum)
Display color depth: 16 bit or higher
Vectorworks 2012 System Recommendations - Windows
Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit);  Windows 8+ x64;  Windows 7 SP1 + x64;
Windows Vista SP3 + x64;  Windows XP SP3 x32 only
Other Software: QuickTime 7.6.0 to 7.6.9
(higher versions not recommended)
Processor: Pentium 2GHz or better
Other Hardware: DVD-ROM drive (dual layer)
Screen Resolution: 1280x800 (recommended)  1024 x 768 (minimum)
Display color depth: 15 bit or higher
Vectorworks 2012 System Recommendations for
Vectorworks Designer / Vectorworks Fundamentals
Hard drive space: 10GB free
Vectorworks 2012 System Recommendations for
Vectorworks Designer plus Renderworks / Vectorworks Fundamentals plus Renderworks
Hard drive space: 10GB free

Vectorworks 2012 contains improvements that placed significantly higher demand on the graphics hardware. The performance and quality of the graphics provided by Accelerated Navigation and Improved OpenGL Shadows depend directly on the speed and memory of the graphics card. These new features have the potential to provide a very fast and fluid experience when used on capable hardware, and a noticeably slower experience when used on older or incompatible hardware. In general, the more powerful your video card is, the better your Vectorworks experience will be.

Vectorworks 2012 Video Card Recommendations - Click here

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