• Vectorworks 2014 Stylised Product Insignia
  • Vectorworks 2014 Stylised Product Insignia

Vectorworks 2014 Brochures

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What's New in Vectorworks 2014 : Vectorworks Architect 2014 Brochure : Vectorworks Landmark 2014 Brochure

  • Vectorworks 2014 Whats New Brochure
  • Vectorworks Architect 2014 Brochure
  • Vectorworks Landmark 2014 Brochure
  • Vectorworks Designer 2014 Brochure
  • Vectorworks Spotlight 2014 Brochure
  • Vectorworks Fundamentals 2014 Brochure

Vectorworks Designer 2014 Brochure : Vectorworks Spotlight 2014 Brochure : Vectorworks Fundamentals 2014 Brochure

Vectorworks 2014 Getting Started Guides

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Vectorworks Fundamentals 2014 Getting Started Manual

Fundamentals 2014
PDF contains 18 pages of text and images.
19 Exercise files

Vectorworks Architect 2014 Getting Started Manual

Architect 2014
PDF contains 77 pages of text and images.
12 Exercise files

Vectorworks Landmark 2014 Getting Started Manual

Landmark 2014
PDF contains 68 pages of text and images.
27 Exercise files

Vectorworks Spotlight Vectorworks 2014 Getting Started Manual

Spotlight 2014
PDF contains 33 pages of text and images.
14 Exercise files

Renderworks Vectorworks 2014 Getting Started Manual

Renderworks 2014
PDF contains 49 pages of text and images.
10 Exercise files

Vectorworks 2024

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Vectorworks 2024
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Vectorworks 2014 new features

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Vectorworks 2014 Feature Matrix

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Vectorworks 2014 New Features

Best in 3D


Better BIM

  Fast Interactive Display   Option to Flatten Design Layer Section Viewports
With version 2014, navigation in all 3D views looks amazing with OpenGL, and you get real-world 3D feedback in all-solid rendered modes. The cache generated in OpenGL also improves navigation in other render modes. Plus, with our integrated rendering application, Renderworks®, you will enjoy interactive light aiming and faster OpenGL shadows by default. Now you can enjoy the rendered look of your model without sacrificing performance and speed.   This new option displays a flattened view of a section viewport on a design layer, similar to a section viewport on a sheet layer. This provides a snappable background for creating section drawings or details.
Enhanced Walkthrough Tool   Create Section Viewports from Clip Cube
Walkthroughs in OpenGL are smoother than ever; you can set the height of the viewer, and the tool modes are streamlined.   You now have the ability to immediately create either design layer or sheet layer section viewports directly from the interactive Clip Cube. You can not only create these viewports, but also edit them using the Clip Cube. This enhancement allows for a more hands-on, visual approach to creating specific sections from your model.
Taper Face Tool   Roof Improvements
With this new tool, you can taper the faces of 3D objects in a single step.   The Clip Surface command and the Clip tool now add holes directly to roof faces and roof objects. Additionally, you now have individual settings for each roof edge, giving you greater customization of gable configurations.
Twist Tool   Space Improvements
Use this amazing new tool to twist entire solids, solid faces, or NURBS surfaces to a specified angle.   This feature is a huge time-saver in larger projects when needing to quickly copy and paste space label properties or create new spaces with the desired default properties.
Interface Improvements   Shaped Windows
Among other changes, you can now add a new class or layer to your document directly from certain drawing operations.   The options have expanded to include a wide variety of window shapes. New shape options and parametric controls are available directly from the window settings.
Rotated Plan and 3D Views   Auto Hybrid Enhancements
A new option now exists in 3D views, so you can easily switch between 3D and rotated Top/Plan views. This enhancement makes navigation faster and easier.   An auto hybrid object can create a hidden line representation of the object above or below the cut plane in plan view. New options have been added to the auto hybrid object to control the smoothing angle, intersection lines, and dash styles, resulting in better-drawn objects and overall improved performance.
    Keynote Improvements
        You now have control over the automatic renumbering of the keynote legends. New options keep placeholders in the legend when keynotes are deleted, preventing undesirable renumbering. The placeholders can easily be removed if needed.
Vectorworks 2014 New Features Cont'd

Improved Efficiency


  Crop Support for Bitmap Objects   Oval by Center Mode
For presentation layouts, this feature sells itself. You won't have to import an image into Vectorworks only to realize that parts of it need some trimming and masking. Instead, just use the Edit Crop command, and you're done.   The Oval tool's new mode allows you to draw ovals by the center point, as well as with the existing modes (by box or height/width).
Enhanced Drafting Tools  
Model Space Measurement for Sheet Layer Viewports
With the 2014 version of Vectorworks software, There are several feature enhancements that will greatly improve your efficiency by simplifying interfaces, exposing more options in context menus, providing improved dimensioning support for all objects, and delivering other requested improvements that add speed to your workflows.   Now, you can easily make use of the Tape Measure tool in your construction sheets. Measure objects in sheet layer viewports, and the tool automatically displays both the true measurement of the object and its actual scale, even though sheet layers are always at a 1:1 scale.
Preview for Mirror Tool   Rotation Sensitive Height and Width Labels
The Mirror tool now displays a preview of the mirrored item, for easy and quick placement.   The "H" and "W" labels for the height and width of an object in the Object Info palette now rotate along with selected ovals, rectangles, and rounded rectangles, making it easier to identify the correct assignment for height and width values.
  Polygonal Control   Show Z for 2D/3D Symbol on Object Info Palette in Top/Plan View
The new Simplify Polys command will enable you to simplify polylines, and 2D or 3D polygons in the Vectorworks application. This command can be incredibly useful after importing complex site data, simplifying imported DWG files, or dealing with any polys with too many corner vertices. Many incredible projects start with basic shapes and evolve into more intricate and interesting forms. The Reshape tool has been enhanced with a new mode that allows you to move an object’s edge without changing the adjacent angles. Plus you can now reshape rectangles.   The Z height of 2D/3D symbols and hybrid plug-in objects is now visible in the Object Info palette from both 3D and 2D views. This means you no longer have to guess or switch views to know the Z height of objects when in plan view.

Vectorworks Scripting with Python 3 Selected Objects Mode for Split and Trim Tools
This new feature is setting the foundation for future generations of innovative Python scripters. With Python scripting, developers can create document scripts, as well as external plug-in parametric objects, tools, and commands. You’ll appreciate this organized and redesigned plug-in manager that offers consistency in managing Vectorworks-based scripts and plug-ins. A new mode in the Split and Trim tools allows you to trim or split only the currently selected objects. This improves selection accuracy when using these tools in your workflow.
Font Preview   Visibility Tool Improvements
The Format Text and Create Text Style dialog boxes now preview the selected font, letting you explore different possibilities for text. Now you can save directly as a text style from the Format Text dialog box.   This new shortcut key gives you a temporary look at all layers or classes—even ones set to be invisible— without losing your current visibility settings.
Select Similar Objects by Plane    
The Select Similar tool has been improved to provide new benefits when working in 3D. Now you can easily select items on the same plane.    
Reshape Tool Enhancements    
Many incredible projects start with basic shapes and evolve into more intricate and interesting forms. The Reshape tool has been enhanced with a new mode that allows you to move an object’s edge without changing the adjacent angles. Plus, you can now reshape rectangles.    
Vectorworks 2014 New Features Cont'd


  Displacement Mapping   Images for Brick Shaders
Current Renderworks users have never before seen rendering quality like what they’ll get in version 2014. The new displacement mapping option gives you the ability to make even more realistic renderings with materials like grass, carpet, water, bricks, or stone.   Many great new images of bricks come with Renderworks and are ready to use and edit for texturing your designs. In addition, they are also new shaders, which enable you to control multiple images representing multiple bricks, along with having granular control over the gaps/grout between bricks or tiles.

System Recommendations

The following are real-world system recommendations for running Vectorworks 2014. In some demanding cases, we would suggest a more capable machine than is described by these recommendations. Likewise, there are some less demanding situations where Vectorworks will perform well on older hardware. The Vectorworks user experience is always improved by faster processors, faster graphics cards and adequate RAM.

RAM: 2GB minimum  4GB recommended  8GB recommended for large files and complex renderings
Hard drive space: 10GB free
Other Hardware: DVD-ROM drive (dual layer)
Graphics Card:  
Medium Sized Screen: 22" screen 1600x1200 or less 256MB VRAM minimum
Larger Sized Screen: 30" screen 2560x1600  512MB VRAM minimum, 1GB+ VRAM recommended for high-quality rendering
Display color depth: 16 bit or higher
Vectorworks 2014 System Recommendations - Mac
Operating System:

Not supported with macOS 12 Monterey, macOS Big Sur (11.x), macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS High Sierra (10.13) or macOS Sierra (10.12).

Supported with Mac OS X 10.11+ (El Capitan),  Mac OS X 10.10+ (Yosemite),  Mac OS X 10.9+ (Mavericks),
Mac OS X 10.8+ (Mountain Lion),  Mac OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) and
Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard)

Other Software: QuickTime
Processor: Intel Core 2, 2GHz or better
Vectorworks 2014 System Recommendations - Windows
Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit),  Windows 8 (64-bit),  Windows 7 SP1(64-bit),
Windows Vista SP2 and Windows XP SP3
Other Software: QuickTime 7.7.0 to 7.7.3
Processor: Pentium 2GHz or better

Vectorworks 2014 added improvements which placed higher demands on graphic hardware. The performance and quality of the graphics provided by the new Vectorworks Graphics Module depend directly on the speed, memory, and supported extensions of the graphics card. These new features have the potential to provide a very fast and fluid experience if used on capable hardware, or a noticeably slower experience if used on older or incompatible hardware. Starting with Vectorworks 2014 graphic cards should support at a minimum OpenGL version 2.1; cards not meeting this recommendation will have limited functionality and poor performance when rendering in OpenGL mode. In summary: The more powerful your graphics card is, the better your Vectorworks experience will be.

Vectorworks 2014 Video Card Recommendations - Click here

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