Vectorworks 2024

Subscription Licence Pricing

for November 2023

Vectorworks 2024

upgrade frequently asked questions

October 2023

Vectotworks have moved to a subscription licence model. Perpetual licences are no longer sold

Can I upgrade my licence?

You can purchase a new monthly or yearly subscription. You can surrender your existing perpetual licence for a discount when perchasing a subscription licence.

  1. what versions of Vectorworks perpetual licences can be surrendered when ordering a subscription licence...
  2. licences which are three versions behind the current version...

    • Vectorworks 2023 at 55% discount
    • Vectorworks 2022 at 45% discount
    • Vectorworks 2021 at 35% discount

  3. how to identify your version from your Vectorworks serial number...
  4. Key: M = Mac; W = Windows; X = cross platform, Mac or Windows; B = B-series, requiring a dongle, E = E-series, internet activated, G= G-Series network licence

    Vectorworks 2024

    • Vectorworks 2024 serial numbers starts BKX or EKX (K = Vectorworks version 29; marketed as 2024)

    Vectorworks 2023

    • Vectorworks 2023 serial numbers starts BJX or EJX (J = Vectorworks version 28; marketed as 2023)

    Vectorworks 2022

    • Vectorworks 2022 serial numbers starts BHX or EHX (H = Vectorworks version 27; marketed as 2022)

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on the website we show only the most commonly requested new licence pricing if your requirements are not covered here please call faCADe

*prices and specifications subject to change without notice, eligibility for reduced subscription pricing dependent on ownership of qualifying existing licence